Sonya Flawles Brilliant Blush

Brilliant Blush

Flawless by Sonya Brilliant Blush

Our aloe-inspired , silky powder blush delivers perfect, sheer colour to highlight, contour and define your cheeks, creating a natural and healthy glow. Available in six perfectly, universal shades to complement every skin tone that blend flawlessly into the skin.

How to Create It:
Smile naturally and then apply your favorite flawless by Sonya Brilliant Blush on the apples of your cheeks. Use the Blush Brush from the Master Brush Collection, blend up and outward towards the ears. Finally, sweep your brush in circular motions to blend and soften.

Brilliant Blush - Aanya
Brilliant Blush - Bella
Brilliant Blush - Layla
Brilliant Blush - Mia
Brilliant Blush - Olivia
Brilliant Blush - Sofia



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